Three best radio shows about food and drinks

Whatever you are interested in, you’ll be able to find a show about it on the radio.

There is a huge range of different programmes covering various topics, with interesting guests and discussions about the latest trends.

If you’re interested in food and drink, the radio should be your first port of call when you want to learn something new. We’ve put together a list of the very best radio shows about food and drink. Check it out below.

Wine Times

First up on our list of the very best radio shows about food and drink is Wine Times. Produced by The Times newspaper, Wine Times is a regular discussion about everything going on in the exciting world of wine.

The programme is hosted by broadcaster Anneka Rice and Will Lyons, a wine columnist for The Sunday Times. Together, the two review their favourite wines and invite guests from the industry to share news and insights.

If you’re a wine fan, this show is absolutely unmissable. Tune in to expand your wine knowledge and listen to some wonderful wine-related anecdotes. To elevate the experience, why not pour yourself a glass while you listen? You can view products here to find the perfect bottle.

The Food Programme

Our first entry – The Wine Times – is all about wine, so for the next entry on our list let’s look at a show that covers food. If you’re looking for a food-related radio show, there is no better place to start than The Food Programme.

Hosted on BBC Radio 4 by Sheila Dillon, Leyla Kazim, Dan Saladino and Jaega Wise, The Food Programme covers everything, including food production, preparation and consumption.

Episodes of the food programme tend to focus on specific subjects. For example, some episodes focus on the food industry in specific geographical locations, while others might dive into topics such as food sustainability.

The Kitchen Cabinet

The final entry on our list of the best radio shows about food and drink is The Kitchen Cabinet. This programme is also produced on BBC Radio 4 and is currently in its 39th season after its broadcasting debut in February 2012.

The Kitchen Cabinet is unique in that it offers the public an opportunity to put food-related questions and queries to a panel of experts. Whether you have a question about ingredients, cooking or nutrition, you can get in touch with The Kitchen Cabinet and benefit from the knowledge and expertise of their panel members.

The show is hosted by Jay Rayner, a famous food critic renowned for his restaurant reviews. He is the perfect person to have at the helm of the programme, and his passion for all things food is clearly evident in every episode.


Many feared radio’s days were numbered after the internet arrived on the scene. However, the radio is stronger than ever, with 2024 expected to be a fantastic year for the format. For fans of food and drinks, there are plenty of excellent radio programmes that you can tune in to and learn more about your passion. 

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