Seven podcasts to help customers make more informed decisions

Ever found yourself lost in a shopping maze, wondering what to choose? You’re not alone.

Thanks to the vast array of options available on the market, making a purchasing decision has never been more challenging and can even lead to decision fatigue.

On a superficial level, when a customer decides to buy something, it might not really seem like such a complex task, particularly if it’s a necessity or everyday item. But the reality is that in an age where it’s a free market and competition is omnipresent and monopolies virtually non-existent, customers are exposed to a vast choice. Consequently, one through an entire series of questions before deciding to buy one product over another. Even if it’s a simple packet of pasta off a supermarket shelf. 

The same applies to choosing a service or hobby. Take the latter, for example. Say for instance a person enjoys the occasional online casino game, it goes without saying they’d like to maximize their chances of winning – even if they’re relatively slim. The first thing an informed player would do is make a comparison of top no deposit casinos, so they can confidently choose the best provider that may offer the most for their gambling experience.

Podcasts have emerged as a secret consumer tool, revolutionizing the way we approach decision-making. From expert analyses and reviews to firsthand experiences, check out our top seven podcasts that provide consumers with the information they need to navigate the market with confidence.

1. The Intuitive Customer

Hosted by Prof. Ryan Hamilton and global influencer Colin Shaw, recognized as one of the top 150 business influencers by LinkedIn, The Intuitive Customer podcast offers listeners fantastic insights into the customer experience, identifying what truly adds value for your customer. Each host provides a distinctive approach to the subject, offering their individual perspective and complementing each other with a sense of humor. This allows listeners to walk away with a sense of joy and a bit more wisdom.

2. Press 1 For Nick

With his podcast Press 1 For Nick, host Nick Glimsdahl brings a fresh perspective to the conversation surrounding customer experience. Each week, listeners have the opportunity to learn from industry leaders, thanks to Glimsdahl’s expertly curated lineup of guests, which includes professionals from major corporations such as Crumbl Cookies, Google, and Disney. Additionally, best-selling authors, hostage negotiators, scientists, TEDx speakers, and researchers contribute their years of experience, making each episode unmissable.

3. Awful Service

Certainly one of our more unique podcast options on this list, Awful Service takes listeners beyond the bar top to peek behind the curtain. Hosts Matt Dooyema and Joe Cocozzello will have you laughing each week by sharing listener-submitted stories straight from servers’ mouths. This comedy podcast offers an intriguing perspective on the entire concept of customer service by directly sharing the experiences of those on the front lines. It might just make you think twice about complaining at a restaurant.

4. Navigating the Customer Experience 

Join Yanique Grant as she chats with entrepreneurs and experts from around the world, helping you navigate the world of customer experience. Discover what customers really want and learn how businesses can understand the psychology of each customer they interact with. Explore topics like technology, leadership, customer service strategies, training, complaint management, service recovery, and more! It’s a journey into the world of customer experience that’s both informative and enjoyable. 

5. Crack the Customer Code

Crack the Customer Code is all about helping folks in business—whether you’re a professional, small business owner, or someone directly dealing with customers—understand the nitty-gritty of creating fantastic customer experiences. Through engaging interviews and insights from various experts, the podcast tackles both current and timeless topics. Since its launch in 2014, Crack the Customer Code has been among the early birds in the customer experience podcast scene, consistently earning its spot as a top-ranking podcast in the field.

6. Associates Anonymous

In Associates Anonymous, the podcast spills the beans on the struggles of working in customer service. The unknown host brings true stories from various guests every Wednesday, keeping their identities under wraps. It’s a no-frills podcast that dishes out the gritty truth about the industry. Trust us; you won’t want to miss out on these juicy stories.

7. Customer Experience Superheroes

If you’re seeking more sophisticated content, Customer Experience Superheroes might be the perfect fit for you. Hosted by the distinguished economist Christopher Brooks, this show highlights brands, experiences, and individuals that achieve a ‘superhero status,’ whether by setting benchmarks for excellence or leading the way in the next era of customer experience. Each new episode offers listeners invaluable lessons to glean from.


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