Three gaming podcasts to listen to in 2024

What to play in 2024? It’s such a simple question, and the answer lies in podcasts.

Listening to players with ample experience sharing their perspectives and advice for a potentially entertaining time in 2024 can solve your dilemma of what you should play in your spare time. Because the gaming industry is unfathomably large, you first need to find a desired segment, and for each part, or even a niche, there are incredible podcasts that can guide you to your next adventure.

Let’s start with casino games, as the sheer volume and choices are astounding. Browsing through the web to find your ideal pick can be a time waster, so you can refer to this curated list made in Readwrite, to which many popular podcasts refer. The casino industry is constantly changing, with new and exciting opportunities happening at every corner of the net. To save time and patience, because you don’t have to browse through endless lists, a curated list with a personal podcast opinion is precisely what’s needed to make an informed choice.

Speaking of an informed choice, “What’s Good Games: A Video Game Podcast” tells you all you need to know from the headline. Between Brittney Brombacher, Join Andrea, and Riana Manuel-Peña, there are 30 years of gaming experience and gaming industry insight combined. This means that you will get the latest news, which comes out at break-neck speed, digested, and served in an interesting manner that never takes itself too seriously. Their personal experience with a direct hands-on approach of games and popular shows they tried and watched are combined with hype about the upcoming shows, and a regular podcast with such charismatic presenters is always fun to listen to.

For those who wish to hear some friendly banter alongside gaming news, The Gaming illumiNaughty is the next best podcast. The gaming world is not without its controversies, spicy news, and passionate debates, and the three hosts, who go by their gaming tags as JG, The Black Hokage, and Ethos, are here to settle hard debates and discover the truths behind the latest news. Which game from the GOTY title of 2023 deserves its place? What game rivalries within a genre deserve a debate over the number one spot? To these questions and more, podcast listeners can find answers in regular updates and get quality entertainment while listening.

Since there is no lack of passion, heated debates, and nerd rage in the gaming industry, there are those listeners who wish to relax, unwind, and listen to some drama-free podcasts. Appropriately titled “We Just Like Games”, the two hosts review, reminisce and discuss any game and genre. You could tune in and find out the latest review from an obscure racing game, followed up by their attempts to dissect a fresh fighting game. From Space Invaders and Mario to recent releases, listeners can also get educated about gaming history. If the Pacman development and design philosophy topic sounds enticing, you’ve found the ideal podcast channel for you. As did many more gaming aficionados.

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