Tony Blackburn takes over BBC Radio 2 breakfast to celebrate 60 years of the pirates

Tony Blackburn has taken over the breakfast show on BBC Radio 2 in a stunt to celebrate 60 years since the launch of Radio Caroline.

He interrupted the music and started playing Caroline by The Fortunes, and said his pirate colleague Johnnie Walker would have been with him but he’s slept in(!).

On-Air, Tony said: “We are back, the pirates are back! Zoe Ball has been locked out of the studio.

“I’m here, anarchy once again. We ARE pirates, we’re pirate Radio 2 and here we go, and for the next hour I’m going to play you proper music! Here it is!”

Tony’s 60s PAMS jingles are also being played in between the songs.

Tony continued: “I’m back where I belong on the breakfast show for goodness sake,” and went on to mention BBC Radio 5 Live’s 30 year anniversary today “I understand that Radio 5 Live is celebrating 30 years. We laugh at them. We actually laugh at Radio 5. Celebrating 30 years for goodness sake. Unbelievable.”

Listen live here and scroll back to around 8.41am.

The takeover will also highlight Tony and Johnnie’s upcoming series Clash of the Pirates which starts tomorrow (Friday) at midday.

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