Everything you need to know about starting a gambling podcast

The rise of podcasts is still relatively new, and it’s the perfect time to get in on the action and create one.
Millions of people are tuning in and discovering new podcasts to listen to each week, and there are huge career and financial benefits to those who are successful in the industry.

A niche that is yet to be conquered in the podcast space is gambling, which would make the perfect subject for regular broadcasting. So, here’s everything you need to know if you’re interested in starting a gambling podcast.

Perhaps the most important thing before starting any kind of podcast is to make sure you are an expert in your field. This not only means having a passion for different kinds of gambling, but also being knowledgeable on current rules and regulations, in order to keep any listeners up to speed. For example, online gambling is heavily regulated in the UK due to GAMSTOP, which is a self-exclusion scheme that enables users to set time limits on the amount of time they spend on licensed gaming sites. It would be important for a gambling podcaster to explain groups like this to their audience, both to guarantee that they are well-informed, and to offer alternative, non-GAMSTOP casino options. Gaming expert Kane Pepi highlights that for many, factors like playing with high stakes or depositing with cryptocurrency are part of the appeal of gambling, and in these cases, GAMSTOP-registered casinos would not be appropriate.

As well as being heavily educated on your topic of choice, being consistent is the key. Researching new gaming developments around the world and keeping on top of gambling trends will give you the edge over your competitors and ensure that listeners are hooked. Over time, there is the potential to become the definitive voice in the gambling world, as long as all information shared on the podcast is reputable and verifiable. 

Before diving in headfirst, consider the organisation and effort that starting a podcast involves. We recommend planning at least the first four or five episodes, and planning out what the structure of a typical episode would involve. This may include inviting special guests (such as gambling experts or online game creators) to co-host, reading up on any new laws that are coming into place, new casino openings globally, and more.

As well as sharing a passion, lots of podcast hosts are interested in the financial prospects of their chosen career or hobby. But how would this manifest if you were to start a gambling podcast? For one, there is the possibility for partnerships once the podcast has a sizable, loyal listenership. In the gambling sphere alone, there are countless opportunities for collaboration; online casinos, crypto wallets, and gaming developers all come to mind. In short, creating a podcast is a great way to monetise something that you already have a keen interest in.

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