Huge mural in Burnley for Jordan North’s Capital Breakfast launch

A mural of Jordan North in his home town of Burnley was revealed this morning to celebrate him launching the All New Capital Breakfast.

Capital broadcasts to Burnley on 99.8 FM following Global’s purchase of 2BR from UKRD in 2018.

Co-hosts Chris Stark and Sian Welby surprised Jordan on-air by unveiling the 20-foot-tall mural installed off the Manchester Road in Burnley, which says “He’s One of Our Own”.

It took three artists 70 hours to create using a combination of emulsion and cans of spray-paint.

On seeing it, Jordan said: “I can’t believe this, it means the world to the little 10-year-old boy who used to go and watch Burnley play all the time, so to see that round the corner from Turf Moor is honestly amazing – thank you!”

Watch how the new show began at 6am this morning:

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