The best gaming podcasts to try out in 2024

Recent research has shown that more gaming enthusiasts are not only spending their time and money on games but also on podcasts.

Midia Research suggested that 47% of fans listened to podcasts monthly, with 29% listening daily. 

In fact, most players would integrate these podcasts into their daily routines, with about 30% of gamers listening to them as they play video games. By 2022, esports was identified as the fastest-growing podcast genre.

With podcasts promising a lucrative way to engage players, Technavio projected this industry to increase by $15,707.02m between 2023 and 2028. This could be attributed to the rise of game-centric platforms like YouTube and Switch, which have become crucial entertainment competitors.

Growing Diversity in the Podcast Industry

Gaming podcasts have continued to diversify even to include casino game offerings. For example, you can now find podcasts discussing crucial gameplay aspects like free spins found on platforms like Rainbow Riches Casino

A good example is the Every Casino podcast, where players can find diverse information on online casino bonuses, including free spins. These discussions help you identify the best casino platforms and also understand how to leverage their offers.  

Similarly, podcasts like the ReelCast by ReelMetrics offer insightful information, tips and tricks, and other aspects of gameplay. Along with actual data, ReelCast blends entertainment and education to provide players with strategies to utilize bonuses like free spins. 

The Secret Cabal

This weekly podcast features talks about miniatures, board games, roleplaying games, and card games. Every Wednesday, founders Tony T, Jamie, Don, Chris, and Steve explore varying perspectives of board games in a generous dose of irreverent nonsense. 

During The Lords of the Dungeon, released every second Wednesday of the month, Jamie, Aaron, Bender, Jesko, and Jess collaborate to highlight their latest RPG campaigns. They usually respond to questions made by listeners through roundtable discussions on RPGs. 

The Secret Cabal Express is usually hosted every fourth Wednesday of the month. In random discussions, Jamie features many other Cabal hosts, guests, etc.

There are four occasions in a year when there are five Wednesdays in a month. In such months, you will get the Battletome show on the fifth Wednesday; the hosts make presentations on miniature games. 

One Shot Podcast

Often comprising a network of podcasts, the One Shot Podcast explores tabletop roleplaying games. James D’Amato founded the show and it covers actual play, discussions, and interviews. 

The network sometimes covers other varieties, including indie RPGs, as alternatives to actual play discussions that exclusively focus on Dungeons and Dragons. It has continued to appeal to audiences and won the ENNIE Awards in 2020 and 2021. 

In April 2023, approximately 1046 users on Patreon funded the podcast with a total of $6,699 in their monthly contributions. Currently, One Shot features three major shows, including:

  • Asians Represent! analyses the work of Asian creators and how Asians perceive the tabletop RPGS. It is hosted by Daniel Kwan and Agatha Cheng. 
  • Character Creation Cast discusses game designs of RPGs and also creates characters in the games’ system. 
  • One Cast has episodes lasting mostly for one hour and has received recommendations from renowned figures like Em Friedman. The show has previously collaborated with authors like Patrick Rothfuss to produce a play series about The Kingkiller Chronicle. 

PokerNews Podcast

The popularity of casino podcasts can be attributed to the industry’s spread. Variations like poker, slots with free spins, etc., have triggered this trend, especially because of the number of people they draw.

Featuring discussions with top poker players and experts, the PokerNews Podcast covers the latest happenings in the poker world. It also analyses major tournaments and mixes this with strategy and lifestyle content. 

During the first PokerNews Debate Series, Sarah Herring moderated a discussion on whether Phil Hellmuth appeared more tactful because he played against bad players. This debate featured Mo Nuwwarah and Jason Glatzer. 

PokerNews Podcast is hosted by Chad Holloway, Connor Richards, Matt Hansen, Kyna England, and Mike Holtz. Popular characters like Daniel Negreanu have previously featured on the show, exploring their dynamic poker-playing strategies. 

Double Barrel Gaming

Mr. Boomstick welcomes guests on his show to discuss themes that appeal to Xbox fans. The show offers enjoyable experiences to listeners through engaging and open-minded discussions. 

Mr Boomstick makes the show lively through his positive energy, which is evident during the show. Guests also add flavor to the experience by sharing thought-provoking insights into their A-games and other topics. 

Other common game podcasts include:

  • Gaming in The Wild by Iceland-based journalist John Rogers covers content about creative games ranging from Indie to AAA.
  • Bree and Justin’s Massively OP discusses (Massively Overpowered roleplaying games) MMORPG news, adventures, and views.
  • Based in London, the One Life Left’s Podcast is a radio show about videogames. 
  • Happening since April 2012, the Video Game Purists discusses themes about life and gaming. 
  • The Rolling Dice and Taking Names features two seasoned tabletop players discussing RPGs, miniatures, and RPGs. The show is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, in the US. 

In summary, the growing appeal of gaming podcasts shows how much players are continually drawn to them. As the numbers of listeners continue to increase, we can expect more of such content in the future.


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