Current LASER558 to celebrate original launch of the former pirate radio station

LASER558 will be celebrating the 40th anniversary of the original launch by re-creating the station’s first day.

It’ll be happening on the day itself – May 24th 2024.

Station Director, Steve Bannister, said: “We are very excited to be bringing a special celebration of LASER558’s launch 40 years ago. Many of those original jocks have recorded new material for us and are sharing some never-before-heard stories and memories that we will also be broadcasting throughout the day.

“On the day, we’ll also be broadcasting a specially-commissioned commemorative program as well as a round-table chat with former jocks to be posted on our website.

“After the celebrations of the anniversary on May 24th, LASER558 will also broadcast a new schedule that will start on May 25th and will see five of the original DJs returning to the airways.

“Craig Novak, Chris Carson, Erin Kelly, Jeff Davis, and Jay Mack are returning to LASER558 and, after working with them all behind the scenes for a while, are all looking forward to being back and to repaying the kindness and support they received from so many listeners 40 years ago.”

Former LASER558 DJ Jeff Davis is glad to be participating, saying, “I am stunned (but not surprised) that Laser’s legacy continues to live on so many decades later. I am also thrilled to speak to music fans in The UK and the European continent once again. Is this really happening?”

Jay Mack, who joined the station in 1985, says, “The listeners made Laser a special radio experience. They’re still out there, the great songs are still out there, and so are we, the original Laser DJs!”

Other original LASER558 DJs are also happy to be back on the station again. Craig Novak said, “It’s gratifying to hear that what we did in 1985 had an impact on so many listeners. I’m happy to be involved again!” The original LASER558 also had several female DJs, three of whom became known as the ‘Laserettes’.

We’re more than happy to announce that two of the Laserettes are also returning. Chris Carson says, “It was a riot in 1985 to be part of LASER, and it’s even better to be back in 2004”, while Erin Kelly, another of the Laserettes, said, “Thanks for the party and adventure back in the day. Come on, let’s do it again! Celebrate the Day every day on LASER558.”

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