New research reveals radio’s true impact for performance campaigns

Radio advertising boosts daily web sessions by 9%, according to new research into the performance marketing capabilities of radio advertising launched by Radiocentre today.

Named Radio: The Performance Multiplier’, the new study also reveals how on average, radio generates additional web sessions twice as cost-efficiently as other demand generation media combined.

In a world-first, Radiocentre and research agency Colourtext used regression modelling techniques to analyse the effect of 1.6bn multi-media impacts on 30m web sessions, sourced from a range of in-market campaigns, with the aim of deciphering radio’s true effects within the performance marketing mix.

Importantly, in addition to the headline findings, the analysis also uncovers that current measurement techniques hugely underestimate radio’s influence on performance outcomes which could be holding back investment in the medium. 

The findings show only 8% of a radio spot’s full potential effect is delivered in the first 20 minutes following transmission, meaning that 92% of radio’s effect is excluded by typical short-term time-window attribution approaches.

A closer look at the case studies involved in the project show that reallocating budget from other media into radio can turbo-charge typical pureplay online performance channels, including organic search, paid search and paid social, at no extra cost. This finding is significant as it could play a powerful role in helping brands break through the ‘performance plateau’ – the point at which the success of a traditional mix of search, social, and online display begins to level off and long-term growth is stifled. 

Consistent with learnings from other Radiocentre research, the data also shows that the best-performing campaigns are characterised by higher weekly reach and consistent use of distinctive audio brand assets. 

Mark Barber, Planning Director at Radiocentre said: “When its full impact is accurately captured, radio is proven to make a highly effective contribution to Performance-led media campaigns. This research will help brands understand the attribution challenge and realise the true potential of adding radio into any performance campaign.  

With the dreaded performance plateau becoming increasingly endemic in marketing these days, the findings also offer brands powerful advice on how they could be using radio to punch-through the plateau and achieve sustainable growth.”

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