Fun Kids listeners fill time capsule with visions of the future

Listeners to Fun Kids have created a time capsule containing their thoughts on what the future brings.

A flying car, a singing nail clipper, and edible computers and more ideas are now locked in the capsule, to be discovered by future generations.

Adam Stoner from Fun Kids says: “We’ve had submissions about everything from climate solutions to flying cars to navigating a world with AI. Filled with hope and optimism, this time capsule reminds us that we’re all responsible for building the future we want.”

Among drawings, photographs, music, and books are digital copies of voice recordings, Fun Kids podcasts, and images sent in by Fun Kids listeners, plus a letter to the future signed by Fun Kids presenters.

Created by US design studio CW&T, the time capsule is made from a decommissioned scuba-tank with custom electronics. A countdown clock in the capsule’s lid displays how long remains before the time capsule unlocks itself. It’s the first ever electronic time capsule and will seal its contents for 26 years.

The time capsule is now on display at Bristol’s We The Curious science centre where it was locked by Fun Kids Breakfast presenter George Butler in front of its members.

Jen Forster from We The Curious says: “We’re all about questions and exploring the world around us, it’s so important that children and young people have a voice, and are heard. As a science centre we think a lot about the future, and how to make it a better world for everyone, so we’re really excited to be part of this project encouraging people to think about both where we are now, and what the future may hold.”

The capsule was delivered to the UK by DHL and East Midlands Airport, where it has been slowly filled with contributions. We The Curious re-opened to the public last week following repairs after a fire in 2022.

The capsule is due to unlock on 30th June 2050.

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