Global is the UK’s biggest commercial radio group, made up of former stations owned by Chrysalis, GMG, GWR, Capital and others.

It runs a network of eight brands – Heart, Capital, Smooth, Classic, LBC, Capital Xtra, Radio X and Gold.

Many of its radio stations in the list below are made up of merged licences, which may provide unique content in more locations, but day-to-day share the same programmes. Global has announced plans to reduce the number of ‘radio stations’ it provides by further merging some of the stations in the list. We’ll update when that happens.

Updated list of radio stations owned by Global:

  1. Capital Birmingham
  2. Capital Brighton
  3. Capital Cymru
  4. Capital East Midlands
  5. Capital Liverpool
  6. Capital London
  7. Capital Manchester
  8. Capital North East
  9. Capital North West and Wales
  10. Capital South Coast
  11. Capital Xtra
  12. Capital Yorkshire
  13. Chill
  14. Classic FM
  15. Gold
  16. Heart 80s
  17. Heart Cambridgeshire
  18. Heart East Anglia
  19. Heart Essex
  20. Heart Four Counties
  21. Heart Hertfordshire
  22. Heart London
  23. Heart North East
  24. Heart North West
  25. Heart North West and Wales
  26. Heart South Coast
  27. Heart South West
  28. Heart Sussex and Surrey
  29. Heart Thames Valley
  30. Heart West Country
  31. LBC
  32. Radio X London/Manchester/UK
  33. Smooth Cambridgeshire
  34. Smooth Cardiff
  35. Smooth Dorset
  36. Smooth Essex
  37. Smooth Extra
  38. Smooth Gloucester
  39. Smooth Hampshire
  40. Smooth Herts, Beds and Bucks
  41. Smooth Kent
  42. Smooth Lake District
  43. Smooth London
  44. Smooth Norfolk
  45. Smooth North Wales and Cheshire
  46. Smooth Northamptonshire
  47. Smooth Plymouth
  48. Smooth Scotland
  49. Smooth South Wales
  50. Smooth Suffolk
  51. Smooth Sussex
  52. Smooth West Midlands
  53. Smooth Wiltshire
  54. The Arrow