Emotional goodbye from Frank Skinner to Absolute Radio listeners

Frank Skinner said his goodbyes to his Absolute Radio listeners yesterday as his 15 years with the station came to an end.

Last March, the comedian and presenter announced to his audience that he was leaving, admitting: “I didn’t take it well, I took it well in the way David Tennant took it well as the 10th Doctor when he started to regenerate and said ‘I don’t want to go’.”

On air on Saturday Frank told listers he’ll miss them as he sees them as one group and they’d been the fourth member of the team.

He said over the last 15 years the show had been his radio diary and he thanked co-host Dean, adding: “Without her, this show would have been all right, but she has been a key component, we’d have done 15 weeks if it wasn’t for her, instead of 15 years.”

Apologising to his loyal listeners for his departure Frank told them: “It’s pretty well-documented, I don’t want to go.”

Then, after joking about spending his redundancy money on Lego Avengers, he finished by saying: “You’ve been the best audience ever. I can’t do the ‘we’ll be back next week’, because we won’t, we’ll never be back. But I love you all. Bye bye.”

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