Rare opportunity to access London’s largest DAB multiplex

Switchdigital (London) Limited, the operator of London’s largest digital radio multiplex (also known as “London 2”), is today seeking applications from broadcasters interested in acquiring DAB or DAB+ capacity.

The London 2 multiplex covers 5.3 million households (circa 12.5 million people) across London and the South East of England, giving it the largest broadcast footprint of all the London multiplexes licensed by Ofcom.

While the multiplex has been full up until now, changes in the line-up of services have created a rare opportunity for broadcasters looking to launch DAB or DAB+ services.

Parties interested in applying for the available capacity should contact Piers Collins via email at piers.collins@wirelessgroup.co.uk by 12 April 2019.

Further information on the London II multiplex, including a coverage map, is available at switchdigital.com.