John Myers to conduct BBC Local review
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John Myers to conduct BBC Local review

Radio Academy Chief Executive John Myers has been commissioned by the BBC to produce a report on how the corporation’s local radio stations can best adapt to DQF budget cuts.

Former GMG Radio CEO Myers has previously done consultancy for the government on local radio with some of his recommendations taken forward for the Digital Economy Act last year. Earlier this year he also did a report for BBC Audio & Music on where savings could be made in the popular music networks.

Asked by Media Show presenter Steve Hewlett at the Radio Festival in Salford this morning whether Myers would be an option for looking into BBC Local Radio, Director General Mark Thompson indicated that the corporation were talking to him.

A spokeswoman for BBC English Regions told “We have asked John Myers to advise us on how we can maximise productivity and deliver efficiency savings across local radio.

“The results of this study will help inform current work to set tighter budgets under the Licence Fee settlement. He will report back by Christmas.”

Following the announcement made by the BBC Trust about DQF proposals last month, Myers posted a well-received blog about the future of BBC Local Radio.

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  1. Barry Ross

    If the BBC want to save money, they should cut the wages of the so called radio superstars, get shot of all the flunkies that the likes of Moyles have hanging around, perhaps then he’d shut his yap for a while and play music, like he’s quite handsomely payed to do.
    The last thing the BBC should be doing is looking at regionalising their local radio, it’s the about the last remains of what was once a thriving local radio industry, and if the public sit back and say nothing I can see the corporation’s local services becoming either a Heart or Gold clone, just with a bit more speech.

    And yes, how much is Mr Myers trousering from this consultancy?

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