October 20, 2014

Liza Tarbuck gets Radio 2 Saturday nights

Radio 2 stand-in presenter Liza Tarbuck is getting her first regular show on the station, taking over Saturday evenings from Alan Carr and Melanie Sykes.

She’ll start in the 6-8pm slot from 12th May.

Liza has been doing regular cover work for Radio 2, most recently depping for Simon Mayo on drivetime. She previously teamed up with Mark Radcliffe to cover Steve Wright’s afternoon show. She has also had a couple of spells hosting the Saturday midmorning slot on the station – with Huey Morgan and Martin Freeman. The daughter of comedian Jimmy Tarbuck, she got her big media break as co-host of The Big Breakfast on Channel 4 alongside former Capital FM breakfast presenter Johnny Vaughan.

Liza said: “It’s great news to finally be hosting my own show. I’m a big fan of Radio 2 and I’m very happy to be the bridge into everyone’s Saturday night. The listeners are too busy to come round to mine, so I’ll just have to turn up at theirs. If they’ll let me in, I’ll bring a cake.”

Lewis Carnie, Head of Programming, BBC Radio 2 said: “Liza is an established and experienced broadcaster who is already loved by the Radio 2 audience. I’m very much looking forward to welcoming her to the station in May.”

Earlier this week, Alan Carr announced he was leaving the station after three years.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1491160831 Fred Hart on Facebook

    Liza Tarbuck’s not too bad, so the 2 hour gap between Dermot and Paul Gambaccini may be listenable again!

  • Radio Geordie

    Well surprise surprise.  The cost-saving BBC hires another celebrity name when someone just as talented on one of the hundred’s of radio services across the UK could have done the same job for considerably less.

    • Lewis_spence

      Or, two presenters being replaced by one, and a recognised name on the station who has proven well when covering for others. Plus, BBC Radio 2 is an entertainment-led station that has always hired established names, celebrity or not, so there is nothing new about that.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=630786068 Dave Metcalfe on Facebook

    Glad am out Saturday night.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1519668321 Pete Brettle on Facebook

    Same as when she sit’s in for Mayo…I won’t be listening

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1021657109 Ben Baxter on Facebook

    I honestly don’t know how King Phlegm Dermunter O’Dreary even has a radio gig though.

  • Pippadougherty

    What took them so long – whoop, whoop, fabulous news! We love Liza in our house!

  • Scrosfield

    liza tarbuck is dreary drivel please get rid of her

  • Scrosfield

    liza tarbuck is so dreadfully dreary & boring. I will not be listening to her programme. TWO hours of that!!

  • disappointed

    Compared to Alan Carr, I think Lisa Tarbuck’s take is dull. I was horrified when I turned on to the radio 2 6-8 slot expecting to hear Alan Carr who is funny and edgy and heard the jingle for the ‘Lisa Tarbuck Show.’ Also, what’s happened to the music? Couldn’t radio 2 have hired another camp, funny guy to do this show as the new lady sends me to sleep!zzzzzz

  • Lesley

    Really love the show!
    Love Liza’s sense of humour and the music!!

  • rogerandpam

    please please – no more – Lisa is awful, all that drivel and silly accents – hello Classic FM for two hours