Phase 2 of digital radio ads goes live
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Phase 2 of digital radio ads goes live

The second phase of a major consumer campaign to promote digital radio has kicked off this morning.

Commercial radio ads and BBC trails are promoting the latest ‘If you love radio, let it live’ message voiced by John Simm, and national press advertising starts tomorrow.

The Digital Radio UK campaign is part of the industry drive to build consumer understanding of the benefits of digital radio and to build digital listening towards the Government target of 50%. Digital listening now accounts for 29.1% of all listening, growing at a rate of 16% a year. The first phase of the digital radio consumer campaign in December helped increase consumer awareness and understanding of digital radio and helped build digital radio sales and listening.

The next phase of the campaign focuses on digital radio being available wherever you are. For the first time, the campaign raises awareness of the fact that you can get digital radio in your car, both in new cars or by fitting an adapter to an existing car. Digital Radio UK has also coordinated a 2012 retail promotion for 20 days, supported by Amazon, Argos, Asda, Comet, Currys, Halfords, John Lewis, Tesco and independent retailers.

Ford Ennals, CEO of Digital Radio UK, said: “December’s campaign helped to build understanding of the benefits of digital radio and to drive sales. Our aim in 2012 is to celebrate the great sporting and music events being covered on digital radio, and to emphasise that as digital radio is available across all platforms including in your car, you don’t need to miss a thing.”

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  1. Peter O'Connor on Facebook

    After many years of thinking about it, in 2009, I bought a Pure Highway DAB, with an adaptor for the car. For several weeks, I drove around Sussex and Surrey. The reception was pretty poor. I took it back to the shop anmd exchanged it for another DAB for the house. Much better.

  2. Barry Ross

    Bet it doesn’t mention the overly compressed lows bitrate MP2 sound,  and in some cases it’s only available in mono, and regardless of whether stereo or mono, in my experience it often sounds like its being bubbled through a goldfish pond. 

  3. AlMorr

    I have several portable digital radio’s, sound is OK but I would not get a car DAB radio until analogue radio comes off air.  All DAB should broadcast in 160kbps in stereo.

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