Audio and Video: Radio 2's new jingles
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Audio and Video: Radio 2’s new jingles

BBC Radio 2 has completed its two month production process with Wise Buddah and year-long contract negotiations to air its new jingle package today.

And Radio Today is bringing you one new full cut each day this week, not found elsewhere online.

Today’s change marks the first since 1997 when GrooveWorx created the last full station package. The station logo, created by GrooveWorx remains on the air under licence, but remade by Wise Buddah. They feature the London Community Gospel Choir and the BBC Concert Orchestra.

Have a listen to one of the new cuts for The Chris Evans Breakfast Show below, then watch the amazing video just posted on the BBC website.

A new podcast by Steve Martin chats with Chris Reay of BBC Radio 2, to talk through the cuts.

Fun Lovin’ Criminal Huey Morgan is featured on guitar, blues legend Paul Jones on harmonica and vocals from jazz singer Clare Teal. Beverley Knight also lends her vocal talents to the new sounds.

The Orchestral and Big Band sessions were recorded at Angel Studios in North London, under the supervision and baton of Musical Director Cliff Masterson, whose credits in pop and classical music include Kylie Minogue, Leona Lewis and Il Divo. Cliff will be working again with the BBC Concert Orchestra when he conducts Kylie Minogue’s set at the Proms in The Park in September.

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  1. Andrew Webb

    It’ll be interesting to see if those with traditional non-GrooveWorx jingles (Steve Wright, etc) will ditch them in favour of the new ones…

  2. Hayden Parker

    Nice and very funky. All they need to do is get rid of Steve Wright and his stupid jingles

  3. Howie B

    BBC4 and 3 apart anyone know a station that doesn’t have any jingles. Both my DAB and FM radios tell ne if I’m on Radio 2 – I don’t need a jingle to remind me.

  4. dan dean

    The BBC keeping it all in house for obvious reasons…management will be over the moon with them, well you would be if you know nothing about station flow and sound..which my experience shows that most of them dont at that level….i just dont see how they fit into normal programming…great production, top musicians and singers..the best…so no disrespect intended to them, utmost respect in fact.
    As stand alone productions..10 out of 10…but how they will work within programmes????…and i think they will get tired very quickly….again BEEB missing the point of overall sound and why we use “jingles”…i find it hard to invisage them on any of the daytime shows……now in fairness ,apart from the Pop Master one…which i thought was the weakest of the bunch!!…i am sure there are others that we have not heard..but if PM is any indication of what they are then i dont see how they will work….Steve Wright will be the test !!!!!!!!!

    1. Fred

      Instead of saying “they’re terrible I can’t imagine them on air”, why not actually tune in and listen to them!?! I personally think they sound great. There are some that, on first hearing them in the Earshot Creative podcast when I though “not sure what show that would fit in to”, but its not until you listen to them in context that you realise they actually DO work!

      1. Duncan Hill

        Sorry, but they do sound worse on air than the old ones… I don’t know why, they just seem out of place for Radio 2. Furthermore, the last ‘travel’ jingle has only been used for a few months surely, so why replace it so soon…?

    2. Andrew Webb

      It seems to me that Radio 2 have introduced new rules that a jingle is played only when coming out of the news, and at no other times (apart from the travel and PopMaster jingles). So I guess any comments about how they would “flow” is a bit redundant, although I do agree with you that they seem a bit jarring when played immediately before a record. Of course Steve Wright is (and always has been!) the exception to the rule, although even he is playing the new jingles considerably less than he played the old ones, and even when he does it’s accompanied by one of his unique AJ Productions cuts. It’s almost as if he’s trying to make the best of a bad job.
      On a similar note, I’m glad that those with non-GrooveWorx jingles have been allowed to keep theirs (Steve Wright, Dermot O’Leary, Tony Blackburn to name a few). Dermot’s jingles especially suited his show a lot more than any of the Groove ones (or the new Wise Buddah cuts) ever did.

  5. worldofbobbin

    Heard them on Alex Lester this morning. Sounded rather lifeless and dull – a bit like DAB…

  6. DaveP

    Great musicians, Singers etc and agree 10/10 for production, but not a patch on the old ‘Pams’ jingles. The slower ‘News’…..hmmmm. OK if announcing a death as first item. Have to agree the ‘Popmaster’ ones are awful.

  7. Radio Man

    The new imaging sounds a bit limp. Also has Radio 2 tweaked it’s music playlists, you know what they say, if it isn’t broken….

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