October 20, 2014

Nick Grimshaw refuses to feature Rihanna

Nick Grimshaw has made headlines again after refusing to play Rihanna’s new song when she failed to turn up for an interview.

It happened yesterday morning after the singer cancelled an interview as the Breakfast Show started at 6:30am. Nick had been talking about the appearance earlier in the week, even tweeted about how excited he was to meet her.

Her new single Diamonds was record of the week until she cancelled her interview at the station.

“I’m gonna have a tantrum because it’s my favourite pop star. We’re not even mentioning her. We’re not gonna promote it now,” Nick said.

Producer Matt Fincham added: “We don’t want to give her publicity until she appears on the show.”

The record of the week then changed to Frank Ocean’s Lost.

Nick has since tweeted that his comments were tongue in cheek…

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  • Bobby

    Another prima donna BBC DJ in the making. Get rid now before he changes his name to Evans. Who do these wannabes think they are? Good DJs struggling for work and the BBC gives airtime to another loser.

  • Danny

    Wow have a tantrum because a worldwide pop superstar cancelled his
    interview (quite possibly his wasn’t the only one??).. to be perfectly
    honest a hell of a lot of stupid stuff is making the news on Grimshaw,
    could be an attempt at getting publicity..? I wonder if not mentioning
    Rihanna sits well with the “younger audience” they are so obsessed with
    having on R1 though??

  • Jimbo1976

    Lame attempt at publicity. Yawn yawn.

  • http://twitter.com/stephendew Stephen Dew

    Yawn. Been done before. #moylesvsjordan

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1524372202 Roy Wilders

    Just shows what a twat he is – talentless and overrated

  • Jeff

    Good job. That’s what we want in a breakfast show. Instead of the blandness!

  • jopijedd

    Then within a week broadcasts a p!ssweak prerecorded interview with the guest he binned….

  • Sam Randell

    Can not blame him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would do exactly the same for my radio show