D Love says buy a digital radio for Xmas
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D Love says buy a digital radio for Xmas

A new industry digital radio campaign running on TV and radio starts tomorrow, but the majority of UK radio stations are not spreading the D Love.

The campaign, running on BBC TV stations including BBC One, BBC Two, BBC Three, BBC Four and BBC News positions digital radio as the perfect Christmas present.

In addition the Christmas D Love radio campaign will run on BBC Radios 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 Live, many BBC local radio stations and on major commercial radio stations including Capital, Heart, Classic FM, Magic, Kiss, talkSPORT, Smooth, Absolute Radio and many digital-only stations.

However, the majority of UK radio stations are not running the campaign, either because they have not been asked or because they refuse to do so. Some BBC local radio stations aren’t running the promos simply because their output is not available on digital radio, whilst others such as commercial group UKRD are not supporting the campaign. Group CEO William Rogers even labels it “an expensive waste of time and money” saying he wants his 16 radio stations to have nothing to do with it.

He said: “We remain of the view that it is quite wrong to ask people to purchase a DAB radio which, potentially, may not work well enough in the area they live in or indeed, be able to pick up the very station that they heard the advert broadcast on. It’s morally suspect at best.

“It also undermines those stations which are being denied the opportunity to migrate as a result of picking a platform for the migration of local radio which is wholly inappropriate and could even be outdated by the time this shambles gets sorted out. This campaign is an expensive waste of time and money and certainly not in the interests of either the consumer or local radio sector. We will have nothing to do with it.”

D Love will run on 104 out of over 300 stations in the UK.

The creative has been made by advertising agency RKCR/Y&R, responsible for Marks & Spencer and Virgin Atlantic advertising. In the TV campaign, D Love encourages Clive to give his wife a digital radio for Christmas, saying that he “cannot romance a lady to the sounds of a toaster”, and pointing out that digital radio, with “its smooth sound quality and fine choice of stations will make her go weak at the knees.”

It’s part of a 2-year £10 million radio industry campaign overseen by Digital Radio UK that runs through to the Government switchover announcement later in 2013.

Whilst reception of digital radio remains an issue in some areas, improvements are being made with the launch of new local digital radio services in 4 regions. These new local DAB multiplexes are being launched by Arqiva with the support of Global and the BBC, and bring local DAB stations to an additional 1.5 million people for the first time. The first new local DAB region is Oxford which will be switched on later in December by Culture Minister Ed Vaizey.

The Minister has confirmed that he is planning to make a radio switchover announcement during 2013, and is encouraged by progress being made on digital listening and the fitting of digital radio in new cars.

Digital Radio UK CEO Ford Ennals says: “There has never been a better time to buy a digital radio thanks to the great range of digital stations and the improvements made to digital coverage, and we are delighted that the new digital radio campaign is getting such great support. We believe that D Love will really break through the Christmas clutter and communicate that there is no better way to spread the love this Christmas than by giving a digital radio.”

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  1. Digital Radio UK

    Over 100 UK stations representing over 90% of listening,
    including Capital, Heart, Kiss, Magic, Smooth and FunKids, are running the campaign. Any other stations who’d like to run the campaign should contact us.

  2. almorr

    No need to advertise on a only Digital Station, like preaching to the converted, I like DAB radio for the choice of stations you get on it, sound quality is not all that great, especially if it is in mono 64kbps, unfortunately there are too many stations like that now, last year Smooth Xmas was 80, this year it is 64kbps, it makes it sound like you are listening to the medium wave.

  3. Daniel Moule

    said it once and will say it again DAB is a waste of space, crap quality, too expensive, too power consuming, FM is better and stronger in all weathers where as DAB loses signal really easy

    1. MB

      FM isn’t better if you want to listen to 5 Live Sports Extra, 6 Music or 4 Extra. Digital TV isn’t portable and mobile internet is subject to a monthly charge, via a smartphone that I don’t need and have no intention of paying for. How else do you listen to free live digital radio on the move apart from DAB?

      1. Daniel Moule

        I listen on my free internet and on freeview and i don’t listen to those stations your saying about because they are either boring, off the air or out of range of signal for when i am traveling around the country. Whilst on fm and am i get them crystal clear and not a muddy water sound

      2. murchadhmacleoid

        DAB is rubbish in cars so you can’t listen via DAB anyway. DAB radios aren’t very portable because of high battery consumption. You may have no intention of buying a smartphone but millions buy them and internet radio will wipe out DAB

  4. Cerberus

    An expensive failed exercise. You can get much better digital and more choice via your TV than the pathetic offerings on DAB. Or of course you can go online. I just have this nasty feeling deep down that somehow I am paying for this further bit of Big Brother.

  5. Julian Smith

    I am paying through my TV licence so that the Government can flog off the FM bandwidth and make my FM radios useless. Now I have to listen to these stupid “Dlove” ads. Why are they allowed on BBC anyway? I’m currently missing one of my favourite programs because I had to turn off my (DAB!!) radio in disgust!

  6. Dave

    We may not like it but we are going to get DAB !. Even our local community station is saying there no point in them being on FM after the switch to DAB ?.

    1. murchadhmacleoid

      Your local community station can relax, switchover will never happen. Internet radio will bury DAB.

  7. Nick_G

    Notwithstanding the well-publicised criticisms about DAB, the ad itself is appalling. I can’t see it making any difference at all!

  8. SDT FM

    Totally with William Rogers on this one – Dead And Buried is what DAB stands for. It’s old fashioned, the quality and signal strength is questionable. With the amount of needless relays for BBC national radio on FM, that could so easily be freed up for the likes of 6music, & 4 extra – and Absolute. Online internet radio in my household has already overtaken any DAB radio that I own – especially with the advent of apps like TuneIn & 4G. This is another completely pointless government decision wasting tax payers money.

  9. Dave

    With respect to William Rogers , DAB has moved on there been a massive investment in new coverage areas & the likes of globel are know backing DAB .

    Those stations that do not go DAB will they survive after switch over i don,t think so .

  10. Peter

    You won’t be able to sell off the FM band just like they aren’t able to sell of the CB frequencies. With CB they just dropped the requirement for a licence. I can’t see them doing the same for the FM Band after the switch over.

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