Paula White returns to BBC Radio Stoke
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Paula White returns to BBC Radio Stoke

BBC Radio Stoke presenter Paula White appeared on that station’s breakfast show this morning apologising for her drunk radio programme.

paulawhitePaula, who hit the international headlines earlier this month for hosting her last daily station after a ‘few drinks’ said it was a terrible error of judgment to go on air that day.

Breakfast presenter Stuart George introduced a pre-recorded piece from Paula saying: “Over the last few weeks it’s become obvious that lots of you have lots of questions about Paula White and was conscious that you might want to know how she’s getting on, whether she’ll be coming back to BBC Radio Stoke.”

Paula then said: “The past few months have been difficult and if you’re a regular to my show, you’ll know I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve but that day, in hindsight, I should not have sat down to do the show at 1 o’Clock,” she said.

“I’ve caused a great deal of embarrassment to my family, friends and colleagues and I’d like to apologise to them.

“Thankyou to all my listeners who have supported me over what has been a difficult few weeks.”

A BBC spokesperson has confirmed Paula will still be returning to BBC Radio Stoke’s Saturday mid-morning show and that the corporation has “drawn a line under the matter.”

Listen to Paula’s apology below:

Audio from Paula’s last show first appeared on the Radiofail website. Radiofail informed us audio of the show, which can be heard below, had over 350,000 plays worldwide.

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  1. Sarah RS

    Fancy making her apologise like that – shame on Radio Stoke. I’m guessing her new show will have far more listeners that any of the other faceless DJs spots put together…

  2. Novelty Bobble

    Can’t help feeling her producer(s) and management need to shoulder their share of the blame too for allowing her on air in the first place, and leaving her on for over half an hour.

  3. anon

    Well done to the woman, many people dont know paula so people need to lay off! im an avid listener! glad ur back paula!!

  4. Ruth

    Personally I think radio Stoke is turning into a personality free zone. Welcome back Paula, I must say since “all the changes” to day time Stoke I switch over a lot more or just don,t tune in. Moved to Stoke 6 years ago so tuned in to learn about the area and stayed tuned, just loosing its way at the moment, so bland.


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