BBC Radio 2 airs Jeremy Vine parody show

Listeners to BBC Radio 2 on Tuesday night might have been confused to hear Jeremy Vine hosting a 30 minute show at 10pm.

In reality, it wasn’t actually Jeremy on-air, but impressionist Lewis MacLeod who has Jeremy’s style nailed 100%.

It’s part of Radio 2’s Comedy Showcase, and the real comedy came during the songs when Jeremy answered calls from a range of celebrities all looking for his help.

Jeremy Vine: Agony Uncle features Jess Robinson and Terry Mynott, and is a part-scripted, part-improvised spoof phone-in, where most of the celebrities in distress are played by impersonators, but a couple of whom may yet be real. It’s scripted by Jon Holmes.

Have a listen on iPlayer whilst it’s online.

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  1. Joe Smith says

    As opposed to the real Jeremy Vine parodying a current affairs programme every weekday lunchtime.

  2. Radio Geordie says

    We’ve had something like this before, it was called Dead Ringers – Tom Baker (Jon Culshaw) phoning Halfords trying to find parts for his Tardis.
    Same thing essentially.

  3. Allan Wallace says

    Would it be possible to have real disc jockeys playing real music on BBC Radio 2?

    1. Joe Smith says

      What a ridiculous idea! Where’s the future in that?

      If you did that then Radio 2 might actually be good and that would show up the drivel that is elsewhere on BBC music radio.

      Much better to employ rubbish to play rubbish but pay them fortunes of course.

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