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Revo reveals new radios

The people who brought us the Revo In-Car DAB adaptor are bringing out three new products – their first domestic digital radios. Two of the PICO range are DAB receivers, the other a Wi-Fi radio. Revo PICO claims to be the ultimate "go-anywhere" portable digital radio as it has a splashproof design and built-in rechargable battery.

PICO also doubles as a loudspeaker for your iPod – the three models go on sale in July priced between £100 and £150.

[b]PICO[/b] is a DAB/FM radio designed for indoor or outdoor use, with an iPod speaker system.

[b]PICO+[/b] is an advanced version of the standard PICO model, featuring the ability to Pause, Rewind and Record live radio. Additionally, users can drag-and-drop MP3 music files to PICO+ for cordless music on-the-move. PICO+ also includes an infra-red remote controland in-car power cord

[b]PICO Wi-Fi[/b] is capable of accessing over 5,500 internet radio stations using your wireless internet connection.
You can also get on "Listen Again" services such as those operated by the BBC, and wirelessly stream MP3 music from a PC or Apple Mac.

For more information see the official [link=http://www.revo.co.uk]Revo[/link] website.

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