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Dream 100 collects ashtrays

Now that the smoking ban has been introduced to public places in England, Colchester radio station Dream 100 is collecting unwanted ashtrays to raise money for charity. Cash raised from recycling the ashtrays throughout July will be donated to Cancer Research UK.

Dream 100’s Roadrunner team will be out and about around Colchester and surrounding areas collecting Ashtrays from pub’s, clubs and other venues affected by the smoking ban. There will also be two drop-off points for listeners to drop off their unused Ashtrays.

David Rees, Programme Controller, of the Tindle Radio station said: "I believe it’s your right to decide whether you wish to smoke or not. But I also feel that this is a fantastic opportunity to do some good, both helping the environment by recycling unwanted Ashtrays and by donating any proceeds to a fantastic cause."

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