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Thompson’s email to BBC staff

If you work for the BBC, you'll have received this email in your inbox. If not, we'll repeat it for you here so you know what Mark Thompson, BBC Director-General is telling his staff. It's all about the suspension of competitions on the BBC after some shows, including Liz Kershaw on 6 Music faked competition winners.

Dear colleagues

Yesterday's news provoked a range of emotions in the BBC. Many were, like me, shocked and disturbed to learn that a small number of our colleagues were prepared to risk the reputation we have all fought so hard to build at risk by deceiving the public. Some staff have wondered if our actions yesterday were an overreaction.

I wanted to underline to you again that I and the BBC's directors are together taking action because we believe that trust is the cornerstone of the BBC's brand and heritage across the world. Nothing matters more than that. We cannot, and will not, allow anything to risk our reputation for integrity with our audiences.

The BBC Trust has, rightly in my view, demanded immediate and significant action, and the announcement of the action we intend to take is only the first step — now we must deliver.

Some newspapers and wire services, incidentally, have reported that I said yesterday on BBC News 24 that I regarded the gross breaches of editorial standards that we disclosed to be a "kind of white lie". What I said on BBC News 24 was quite the opposite: "Somebody or a group of people has taken it upon themselves to keep the programme on the air by this kind of, what they might have regarded at the time as, a white lie. [b]The point I've tried to make to my colleagues today is that it is not acceptable[/b]. It is much better to come clean. Tell the public. The public will understand." There must be no doubt about this. Our colleagues in BBC Information will tell you just how seriously our audiences regard these deeply regrettable incidents. They are disappointed and very angry. We all need to regain their trust. As I said on News 24, some in the BBC may regard deception in competitions as "a white lie". It is not. I regard it as a very grave breach of discipline.

I do appreciate that some of the actions I have announced, particularly the suspension of competitions, will raise very significant challenges for programme makers in the BBC, particularly in radio. My colleagues and I passionately feel that this is the right decision to ensure that the public and all of us have a BBC we believe in and feel proud of.

Over the next few days you will receive notification about meetings that are taking place in your areas with your senior managers where you will be able to discuss the challenges ahead and how you will be able to address this issue together as one team in your area of output. I hope you will not only attend these meetings, but take an active role in helping us to put our house in order as quickly as possible. In addition, please email me if there's anything else you think we should be doing to tackle this.

During the coming weeks, I intend to communicate regularly with you on developments and on how we are taking forward the action plan.

Thank you very much for your support.

All the best,

Mark Thompson

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