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Record reach for BBC digitals

The BBC's five digital-only networks — BBC 6 Music, 1Xtra BBC, BBC 7, BBC Asian Network and BBC Five Live Sports Extra continued their strong performance this quarter, with Five Live Sports Extra bringing in 866,000 listeners in a record listening figure for the network.

Here are the facts from the BBC national networks:

BBC 6 Music has a reach of 471,000 — up from last year's 354,000 and steady on last quarter's record 477,000 — while share is 0.3%, from 0.2% last year and 0.3% last quarter.

BBC 7 has a reach of 738,000 (668,000 last year and 808,000 last quarter), while share is 0.4% — the same as last year and last quarter.

1Xtra has a record reach of 473,000 listeners — up on the year (284,000) and the quarter (465,000). Its share (0.2%) is up on the year (0.1%) and steady on the quarter (0.2%).

The BBC World Service has 1.30 million listeners — from 1.39m last quarter and 1.26m last year. Share is 0.7%, level with last year and last quarter.

The BBC Asian Network has 455,000 listeners — slightly up on last year's 444,000 and last quarter's 452,000 — while share, at 0.4%, is up on last year (0.2%) and last quarter (0.2%).

BBC Radio 2 remains the country's most popular station, with 13.12 million listeners — slightly down on the quarter (13.25m) and the year (13.29m).

BBC Radio 3's reach is 1.78 million — down on the year (1.83m) and the quarter (1.90m).

BBC Radio 4 has 9.48 million listeners — up on the year (9.19m) but down on the quarter (9.64m).

BBC Radio Five Live (which records a combined reach with its digital service Five Live Sports Extra) has a reach of 6.10 million, up from 5.97m last quarter and steady on 6.14m last year.

Jenny Abramsky, Director, BBC Audio & Music, said: "I'm pleased to see that the increased choice offered by digital radio is fuelling radio listening and strengthening its place in the digital age.

"These figures also show a remarkable quarter for Radio 1; the network's distinctive music programming, combined with an innovative use of digital technology have ensured it remains as relevant as ever to young listeners."

A new RAJAR measuring specification was introduced for the latest results. These figures do not take in to account possible changes in TSA and are offered only as a guide.

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