UK airtime for sale on eBay

A small not for proft radio station in Scotland is selling radio spots on eBay at £7.20 a go. Two Lochs Radio in Wester Ross got the idea from the growing trend in America to sell airtime via eBay and Google, and decided to give it a try.

Station Manager Alex Gray says that the station, in the north-west Highlands, has always been ready to experiment with news ideas in programmes and is just as ready to consider new ways of doing business.

One of the questions on the bidding site says: Can I take you seriously; They reply with: ;Absolutely! eBay themselves are selling radio advertising on small-town stations in the US. Get ahead of the game and try it out here and now in the UK. You’d be in good company – we run adverts not just for local businesses, but also for the Police, Scottish Executive, the Co-op, Specsavers, HM Revenue & Customs, Local Enterprise companies and others.

Alex hopes this new venture will bring contact with those who may have assumed radio advertising was too expensive or difficult to arrange: ;Most radio advertising is sold through large agencies working to commission placing campaigns on groups of stations across the country. These can be difficult for small advertisers to deal with, but in this latest scheme airtime can be bought directly from the station from less than £10, or contact can be made through eBay for a specific quotation.

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