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Increase for TLRC stations

The Local Radio Company have slightly increased their total hours year-on-year, though they have fallen in the last quarter, down from 7.7million to 7.5million, according to the latest RAJAR results published this morning.

Individual stations vary, with 2BR down 3% reach, but Sun FM up by the same amount. Conversely, Isle Of Wight Radio is down 4% to 36% reach, while the group's continual high flier Spire FM leaps to 44% – compare that to the group's average reach of 21%.

The group's sale of KCR FM (formerly The Rocket) seems to have been a wise one, with the Merseyside station staying on a disappointing 4% reach, though with their small band of loyal listeners delivering an average 14 hours a week.

Spire FM in Salisbury has the highest percentage of listeners within its region for any commercial radio station in England. The station is now listened to by 44% of the Greater Salisbury population each week.

Commenting on these figures, Richard Wheatly, Executive Chairman of TLRC, said :"It is always great to have the number one radio station. These figures provide proof that our focus on local news and local information delivered by local personalities who are recognized and known within the communities where we broadcast is making a significant contribution to our listener numbers.

He continues: “Our approach clearly beats repetitive music play lists, hours of rather bland network programming and over-paid personalities. These are exciting figures and reflect the on-going progress made by the group."

: "These are excellent figures. We have increased both our total number of listeners and total listening hours year on year in a challenging market. This is another good performance by the group."

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