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LBC hires Andrew Pierce

LBC is launching a new politics and current affairs programme hosted by The Daily Telegraph assistant editor Andrew Pierce.

Pierce has been described as the sixth most powerful gay man in British politics, describing him as “a ball of giggles, gossip, scandal and kinetic energy. He said: "It’s a real honour to be let loose in a radio studio on my own! I’m particularly excited to be joining LBC 97.3 FM at a time when its listening figures are at an all-time high. I hope, in my own small way, I can help increase them further.”

Jonathan Richards, Programme Director, LBC 97.3 FM, said: "Andrew combines wit and charm with an incisive political brain. His new Sunday show will be a mixture of coffee, charisma and unmissable conversation. I'm delighted to have secured such an emerging radio talent for a show which promises to be the best possible way to spend Sunday brunch in London."

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