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Motorists to get Virgin Radio

A special stream of Virgin Radio will be played in 48 Moto motorway services after a sponsorship deal was struck between the two companies.

This is the first deal in Virgin Radio's plan to diversify its business with a new Audio Business division, which has been created to exploit the growing demand for branded content and bring a new revenue stream into the business.

The specialised stream of Virgin Radio will carry bespoke spot advertisements from a maximum of five brands available within the Moto service stations that will be signed up as sponsors for a fixed time period. This approach of limiting the number of brands heard on air will offer standout for the sponsors by ensuring customers are not overloaded with brand messages during their average 26 minute stop over.

The new audio business division pits Virgin Radio against radio production companies, specialist branded content and advertising agencies and will offer clients a production service for unique download and podcast audio for websites and portals, as well as tailored audio streams for retail and travel networks such as Moto.

“This partnership is another example of Virgin Radio continuing to create targeted advertising opportunities for brands with creative programming concepts.” Says Nick Hewat, sales director at Virgin Radio, “Advertisers will be able to engage with consumers when they are very receptive and inclined to make impulse purchases – during a break from a potentially stressful environment – and Moto adds value to its relationship with its customers – a win-win situation.

“This is a fantastic fit for us. Virgin Radio has massive appeal with our core customer demographic of 24-54 year olds and will create the perfect atmosphere for our customers.”

Adds Kirsty Birkin, marketing manager at Moto, “They’ll be alerted to promotions and deals that are happening on site at the same time as being able to listen to great music.”

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