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Fans angered by SGR FM deal

Listeners to BBC Radio Suffolk have complained to Ipswich Town football club after SGR FM won the rights to full match commentary.

According to the East Anglian Daily Times, fans of the team who live in the North of Suffolk will be unable to hear the commentary, because SGR FM's signal is too weak to be picked up.

One fan said: “Ipswich Town have obviously stuck two fingers up to us supporters who live out of the range of SGR and look forward to commentary on BBC Radio Suffolk."

Many supporters travel a long way to support and now we have lost our source of information and commentary. Yet again a club puts commercialism ahead of supporters.”

BBC Radio Suffolk have held the full rights for more than 10 years.

SGR FM programmer controller Dan Thorpe was quoted in the paper as saying: "It is not a question of me being able to turn the signal up. We are in talks with Ofcom about getting a new transmitter in Sudbury, and also in certain areas of north Suffolk including Lowestoft but this is not SGR's decision, it is Ofcom's.

“I guess the first thing for people concerned is to try and get us and if you cannot get us on one radio it is worth trying another as some radios have better aerials.”

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