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Work experience boy wins Big

A seventeen year old boy, heard presenting on CN Group's Citybeat, has won a prize normally awarded to local radio veterans at the Big Buzz Irish Entertainment Awards in Belfast.

David McCammond from Carrickfergus, better known to Citybeat listeners as 'Work Experience Boy' triumphed over BBC giants Stephen Nolan, Gerry Anderson and Ralph McClean to claim the 'Best Radio Personality Title' at the party staged at the Park Plaza Hotel on Friday night.

A stunned silence from the audience was followed by the biggest cheer of the night as the young presenters name was announced.

Work Experience Boy excepted the award on stage from Miss Great Britain Gemma Garratt and Citybeat presenter Stuart Robinson (pictured) who had been canvassing for his younger colleague on-air over the past few weeks.

The young co-host is now coming to terms with being named 'Irish Radio Personality' of the year, speaking backstage as he tightly clutched his award, Work Experience Boy said: "I'm not used to all this – I few weeks ago I was in school doing my GCSE's but since landing a slot on Stuart's show on Citybeat, I've been appearing at events, doing photo shoots and now I'm collecting awards!"

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