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Dyke plans Wight FM comeback

Former Isle of Wight presenter Alex Dyke is leading a team of veteran presenters including Tony Blackburn and Mike Read to launch an online radio station – Wight FM.

The station plans to launch on February 2nd with a line-up of familiar names, from a new studio on the island.

The station's new website, at [link=http://www.wightfm.com]wightfm.com[/link], reports: "We have even more great presenters who are joining our line-up – Tony Blackburn, Paul Burnett, Big Al, Mark Wesley, Howard Pearce, Benny Brown, Steve Robson, Ed Stewart, Richard Cartridge, Sean Tilley, (Shaun Tilley? – Ed) Simon Ledger, & Simon & Dave from Hipshaker. More to follow…"

Alex Dyke, in a video interview on Wight FM TV, says "I've been so excited about Wight FM I haven't really thought about where I used to work."

"Wight FM will sound familiar… we won't be playing the same old songs over and over again. We've had DJs queuing up wanting to get on, because they are so fed up with radio stations restricting them."

RadioToday.co.uk has emailed the station for further news and we'll bring you more news when we get it.

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