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Focal Radio falls silent

Hopes are high for the return of a pioneering digital radio station after it temporarily suspended its programmes on Wednesday.

Focal Radio, which broadcast to Stoke-on-Trent and surrounding areas on the DAB platform, was removed from the local multiplex at around 3pm, with internet streaming being suspended shortly afterwards.

In a statement, a Focal Radio spokesman thanked listeners for their support and said the station was hoping to make a return: "We are working hard at Focal Radio to resume our service.

"Initial responses to our programming have been very positive and we are quite saddened that we have temporarily gone off the air.

"I cannot elaborate further as to the reasons we are not currently broadcasting and ask that you don't jump to any conclusions – just be assured we are working hard to get back onto DAB and the web as soon as we can."

Focal Radio was the first new commercial radio station to launch in Stoke-on-Trent in 25 years. It broadcast a mix of music from the past 40 years together with local news bulletins, sports analysis, interviews with local and national personalities and evening specialist shows. Presenters included local radio stalwart Sam Plank, along with Glyn and Katie Johnson, local blogger Tony Walley and Gaz Ryder.

[pictured: Studio 1 at Focal Radio]

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