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Four new stations for Suffolk

Ofcom has announced the award of four new community radio licences to serve Suffolk. They go to Blyth Valley Radio (Southwold), Radio West Suffolk (Bury St Edmunds), Felixstowe Radio (Felixstowe) and Zeta Digital FM (Forest Heath).

The not-for-profit licences are to help promote specific social benefits to enrich a particular geographical community or community.

Blyth Valley Radio will provide a service to Southwold and surrounding villages. Radio West Suffolk will serve the people of Bury St Edmunds. Felixstowe Radio will serve the Colneis Peninsular, including Felixstowe, Walton and surrounding villages. Zeta Digital FM will serve the people of the Forest Heath area of West Suffolk by providing a radio service run by its members.

Licences are awarded for a five-year period.

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