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Ed Nell swaps BRMB for Hallam

BRMB presenter Ed Nell is making the switch to from Birmingham to Yorkshire as he takes over Hallam FM Drive from Monday.

Ed already has a few stations under his belt, including Island FM, Wyvern and Beacon Radio. He replaces Kam Kelly who is [link=https://radiotoday.co.uk/news.php?extend.4238]returning[/link] to south Wales to present the Breakfast Show on Red Dragon FM with Sally Bailey.

When he's not hosting his new weekday 3pm – 7pm show, he'll probably be eating a curry. "There’s nothing better than spending an evening in a curry house," says Ed.

"The popadoms, full pickle tray, then curry…best thing ever! Obviously you have to have a few pints of cobra or kingfisher to wash it all down with."

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