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BBC Radio 1 cancels TV promo

The BBC has decided not to air a cross-promotional video advertising Radio 1, which costs £700,000 to make, for fear of provoking a public backlash against overspending.

[link=http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1169349/BBC-blows-700-000-advert-wont-fear-overspending-complaints.html]Reports[/link] in today's newspapers claim a three minute video was made featuring most of the line-up, including Chris Moyles, Jo Whiley, Scott Mills, Vernon Kay and Sara Cox. It was filmed at Pinewood film studios where the presenters were said to be dressed in outlandish gothic costumes and filmed alongside wild animals for a surreal take on Radio 1, described as ‘magical’ and ‘Harry Potter-esque’ .

Muse also performed special music for the video, which was planned to be on-air in March.

The BBC disputed the claims that the video cost £700,000 – saying the cost was less than half of that figure. Apparently the BBC decided that it was inappropriate to show a film that looked so extravagant while Britain was deep in recession.

A spokesperson told the [link=http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/tvandradio/5144444/BBC-scraps-700000-radio-advert-amid-fears-it-would-prompt-anger-about-corporations-overspending.html]Telegraph[/link]: "It is nonsense to suggest this material is wasted. It was always intended for use. This material would be cut in a variety of ways to promote Radio 1 throughout the year. We are satisfied it will be value for money."

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