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A novel mention for Passion

Passion for the Planet has become the first DAB radio station to be featured in a novel by a best selling author.

Sarah Tucker’s new novel “The Control Freak Chronicles” features Passion for the Planet as the workplace of her heroine Helena Treadwell. The book also features the radio station’s co-founder Chantal Cooke as a local eco-celebrity in Helena’s home town.

Passion for the Planet was launched seven years ago and broadcasts across London and the South on DAB radio and nationwide via the Internet. It is the UK’s leading group of radio stations focusing on health and environmental issues and playing music from all over the world.

In the book Sarah’s heroine Helena Treadwell works for Passion for the Planet as a presenter. The story follows her attempts to control her life while making a documentary about her home town, where Chantal Cooke is featured as one of the potential interviewees.

“All my novels are fiction, and are designed to hit a nerve and be of the moment. I only mention products and services if I believe in them, and more importantly if I know my characters would believe in them. I think Passion for the Planet is a breath of fresh air in the media and I have great respect for its founders and wonderful job they do.” Sarah commented.

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