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Kiss turns Kube into iPhone app

Bauer's mobile Kiss Kube site will launch as a free application in the Apple Store shortly, and include listen live and listen again facility.

Kiss claims it to be the first app which offers both services in one for iPhone and iPod Touch owners.

KISS KUBE mobile will offer visualisation along with connections to Twitter and Facebook.

Bruce Mitchell, Head of Digital for London Radio says: "The exciting thing about our application is that it faithfully reproduces our hugely successful KISS KUBE online player, in mobile form with it's ability to stream almost all KISS programming on-demand."

Steve Parkinson, MD of Bauer Radio London explains: “The new Kiss app adds an extra dimension in listening – not just an easy way to listen to any of the Kiss stations, but an easy way to listen to any of the previous seven days of programming – from Rickie and Melvin to our specialist shows. We have made the app free to ensure we continue to offer Kiss listeners the maximum opportunity to listen live and listen again.”

Kiss can also be heard on the iPhone via the recently launched [link=http://irad.io]iRad.io[/link] web-app.

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