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UTV urges Ofcom to change

UTV Media has responsed to Ofcom's latest consultation on commercial radio. This follows an announcement that UKRD, The Local Radio Company and UTV will be working together to oppose the Government’s 2015 DAB switchover proposals.

As part of its submission to Ofcom, UTV argues that Digital Britain's plan to move larger stations to DAB in 2015 sidelines those smaller stations more closely connected to their local communities.

Scott Taunton, Managing Director, UTV Media, said: “As well as proposing an AM and FM switch-off plan which lacks support from listeners, Digital Britain places a huge question mark against over 120 stations which are currently without a clear digital future.

“These stations need clarity about their future licensing, regulation and distribution, not the prospect of six years in limbo whilst the government pursues a fanciful DAB migration plan driven by the commercial agendas of some of the larger groups.

“We are very much looking forward to working together with colleagues at UKRD and The Local Radio Company to secure a renewed focus on this highly valued group of local radio stations. At present, the DAB migration plans not only risk leaving listeners disenfranchised and out of pocket – they also threaten a whole host of their favourite local radio stations.”

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