Extra BBC DAB service to cover Olympics

The BBC has been given permission to run an additional national DAB radio channel for around 20 days next summer to cover the London 2012 Olympics.

5 Live Olympics Extra will give listeners the chance to hear even more sports being covered from the events across the capital, especially since 5 Live Sports Extra will be broadcasting two cricket test matches during the period.

The service is expected to cost the BBC around £200,000 but will have its own service licence, rather than being part of the two existing 5 Live stations.

The BBC Trust says the temporary radio service will use existing DAB capacity, so should not affect other DAB broadcasters.

In the draft service licence, we’re told 5 Live Olympics Extra ‘should aim to maximise the value delivered to licence fee payers from the Olympics by offering alternative coverage to that provided on other BBC services’ and that ‘output should be focussed on live coverage with catch-up output offered at times when no live coverage is available.’

The station will run from 23 July to 15 August 2012 and will exploit the BBC’s ownership of Olympic radio rights by covering Olympic events that cannot be accommodated by BBC Radio Five Live and Sports Extra.

The BBC Trust is consulting with the public on the draft service licence for BBC 5 Live Olympics Extra – find out more here.

Posted on Monday, August 15th, 2011 at 1:52 pm by RadioToday UK

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