Sharpstream rolls out new Adswizz system

Streaming specialists Sharpstream is rolling out the Adswizz intelligent advertising system onto their content delivery network.

Adswizz – not available before via a UK distributor – offers ad replacement services and detailed analysis of listener figures for its clients.

The technology allows stations to gather lots of information on who is listening and target ads accordingly. It also enables broadcasters to replace FM adverts with internet adverts (national or local) and target advertising on the basis of time and day of the week, location, player or device, demographics or any other user data.

Welcoming this new feature, technical director Dane Streeter of Sharpstream, said: “Streaming has moved from a side issue for broadcasters to being a core part of their activities. With online audiences growing exponentially and proving remarkably loyal, this is the right time for broadcasters to make streaming really pay. This development at Sharpstream is entirely customer-driven – our clients are telling us they’re now ready to introduce advertising on their online channels. With Adswizz, we have a best of breed solution.”

“Many of us grew up hearing ads on the radio, but those ads never knew where you were, what kind of radio you had, or your general demographic information” said Patrick ROGER – VP Global Sales of AdsWizz.

Posted on Friday, November 11th, 2011 at 1:49 pm by RadioToday UK

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