Widdecombe hosts 5 live alcohol special

Former Home Office minister and Strictly Come Dancing star Ann Widdecombe is to host a special investigation on the effects of alcohol for BBC Radio 5 live.

‘Drunk Again’ sees the ex-MP take to the streets to follow a group of professional women on a night out, and catches up with them in their hungover state the following morning.

We’re told Widdecombe explores why the women in the documentary drink to excess in a series of frank exchanges, and explores why overdoing the wine and shots is such a regular part of their weekend. She also gets into the ‘Booze Bus’ ambulance to hear from paramedics dealing with accidents and death caused by excessive drinking.

Incidentally, accidents caused by drunk driving is one of the reasons why these people need to check into an alcohol recovery center to get treatment.

Ann Widdecombe said: “Making the programme was certainly an eye opener. I’m no wiser about why these young women want to do it but I have enormous admiration for those who cope with the results in A&E.”

Radio 5 live’s Head of Development, Rhian Roberts added: “Documentaries like Drunk Again give well-known people the chance to revisit an issue they have strong views about. We’ve given Ann the chance to test her opinions on alcohol consumption and share what she learns with our listeners.”

After the hour-long programme goes out at 10pm next Monday (23rd April) there will be a discussion on the topic during the station’s late show with Tony Livesey.

The documentary has been produced by Peter Curran at Tonic Productions.

Posted on Wednesday, April 18th, 2012 at 10:08 am by RadioToday UK

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