Bay Radio found in breach of its licence

Ofcom has found Bay Radio in breach of its licence condition for not sticking to its Format.

The station, which has since re-branded to Nation 80s, was not offering as much speech as it should have been doing.

The regulator investigated the station after one person complained that there was not enough local information since the change to an all-80s format.

Whilst Ofcom didn’t have a problem with the flip to all-80s, it did conclude that the station was not delivering enough speech, including local material and ‘comment’, for its output to be compliant with the Character of Service set out in the station’s existing published Format, which requires it to be “A local speech and music station for the Swansea area, with 24-hour news, information and comment.”

The station now only has a presenter at breakfast with the rest of the output being non-stop music and pre-recorded information elements. And although locals news bulletins were broadcast as required, the overall levels of speech were unacceptably low, Ofcom said.

Bay Radio owner Town and Country Broadcasting responded to Ofcom saying: “Nation 80s [formerly Bay Radio] takes format
compliance very seriously and whilst we believe the frequency and quality of speech and information broadcast in March was in format, should Ofcom come to a conclusion that it was not, we would wish to discuss the remedial measures to resolve the matter as quickly as possible.”

The Licensee has been put on notice that, should further investigation prove that the service broadcast is not in compliance, further regulatory action may be considered.

Posted on Tuesday, August 14th, 2012 at 7:59 am by RadioToday UK

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