Wise Buddah creates Gaslights for Radio 1

BBC Radio 1 has commissioned Gaslights, a series of short dramas set to music and penned by the writers from Skins.

The short shows are based on Radio 1 listeners’ experiences, feelings and dilemmas of being a fresher at university, and will showcase the funny, cringe-worthy, heart breaking, beautiful and grim moments from university life.

The four ten minute, part fact, part fiction musical episodes have been scripted by Skins music supervisor Kyle Lynd, Skins writers Daniel Lovett and Joe Hampson and playwright Jonathan Neil.

They will be narrated by young actors and given a perfect soundtrack to take Radio 1 listeners on a trip through the funny, poignant, melancholy, beautiful and outrageous moments of student life.

Gaslights is being made by independent production company Wise Buddah and will be broadcast on BBC Radio 1 each night this week, 10-12pm during Phil Taggarts’ show.

The short series will be produced by Kyle Lynd and Clare Chadburn from Wise Buddah.

Piers Bradford, Radio 1’s Commissioning Editor says: “Radio 1 is always looking to try something a bit different and this is a great example of how we work with the Independent sector, allowing them to introduce us to brand new ideas and talent. The experiences that Fresher’s week provides seemed the perfect opportunity to bring this concept to life, allowing us to reflect real episodes from the lives of our young audience in an original way. The end result is a series of beautifully crafted dramas that are a great listen.”

Kyle Lynd, Producer says: “The concept for Gaslights is brilliant – me and Clare really wanted to create a new show that combined both great story telling and incredible music. The music plays a huge part in telling the stories and the stories act as a great vehicle for the music. Our writers are all really young and are very talented. What we’ve done is really exciting and very fresh”.

Clare Chadburn, Executive Producer from Wise Buddah comments: “Kyle and I wanted to make radio that put stories at the forefront and that used new music in an exciting and emotional way to tell them. We are thrilled that Piers has commissioned the series for Radio 1 to tie in with the start of the university year.”

Posted on Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012 at 3:55 pm by RadioToday UK

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