Mark Forrest hosts secret BBC pilot show

Mark Forrest has hosted a two hour test show at 2am today on the BBC Local Radio network ahead of the upcoming networked evening show.

Listeners expecting the second hour of Up All Night with Rhod Sharp on the network’s sustaining service 5 Live heard a quick fade out before the sport update followed by the show’s new theme. Mark then announced “Welcome to our secret show… We’re not in Radio Times, we may not be on the iPlayer, in the morning we’ll probably deny we ever existed.

“This is a taster for a brand new programme starting right here on Monday evening the 7th of January,” Mark continued.

The team were in place at BBC Radio Leeds to test the sound and the connections, which all went well apart from a few small hitches in the South.

The pilot continues with another show tonight (or Wednesday morning).

Not up at 2am? Missed the show? Don’t worry, we got it. Listen to the opening links below:

Posted on Tuesday, December 18th, 2012 at 8:47 am by RadioToday UK

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