Moyles refused late night slot on Radio 1

Reports claim Chris Moyles was offered the late show on BBC Radio 1, but refused it despite his contract with the station till the end of 2013.

The Sun says he was also offered a weekend show again is unlikely to take it.

A source told the paper: “Radio 1 wanted Chris to do that show but he didn’t want to. They hoped they could change his mind as they would like to have at least a fraction of the audience of eight million who tuned in to his Breakfast Show.

“He’s now unlikely to stay with Radio 1 or indeed with BBC Radio.

“He is a massive geek and his head is full of ideas about how to broadcast to his fans without using traditional means. It’s early days, but it’s expected to be a digital proposition for the smartphone generation.”

He is now expected to launch a multi-media company to broadcast his own show directly via smart phones.

Chris is back on-tour with a second coming of Jesus Christ Superstar next March.

Posted on Friday, December 7th, 2012 at 11:12 am by RadioToday UK

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