BBC Trust finds Steve Wright in Breach

Steve Wright’s pre-recorded Sunday Love Songs programme has breached BBC Trust guidelines on accuracy and interacting with the audience.

Steve was heard saying listeners could get in contact with the show ‘anytime’, which has lead to a complaint when one person realised the show was not live.

The complaintant said that some callers who had been encouraged to make requests would be wasting their efforts, as were some who listened in hoping to hear their letters read out and songs played.

The programme is recorded on a Friday, with the playlist finalised on a Thursday.

After this, Radio 2 changed the messages on the request lines to make it clear but the Trust said these did not go far enough to make it clear requests wouldn’t make the next show.

A spokeswoman for the station told the Telegraph: “In light of the Trust’s findings on clarity for people leaving dedications for the programme, we have revised the wording in order to ensure the process is absolutely clear for listeners.”

Posted on Thursday, January 17th, 2013 at 8:47 am by RadioToday UK

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