Big Top 40 and Radio 1 explain Ding Dong

Commercial radio’s networked chart show the Big Top 40 offered a similar stance to BBC Radio 1 when playing the anti-Thatcher song.

bigtop40The song, made popular by opponents of Baroness Thatcher, made it to number nine in the iTunes chart on Sunday but wasn’t played in full by either the Big Top 40 or the BBC Radio 1 countdown.

Instead, Radio 1 stopped for a Newsbeat feature explaining why the song was in the chart at number two, in which music reporter Sinead Garvan included a clip from the song and voxpops from listeners.

The Big Top 40 did something similar, with Dominic Byrne from the “Big Top 40 Newsteam” also playing a clip and explaining why the song is in the chart.

Hear both incidents below from David Lloyd’s Radio Moments:

Posted on Monday, April 15th, 2013 at 11:11 am by RadioToday UK

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