BBC Radio 2 continues to attract listeners

Increased RAJAR figures have been recorded for a number of BBC radio networks this quarter, including BBC Radio 2 which now has 15.4 million listeners.


The Chris Evans Breakfast Show dipped slightly to 9.75 million listeners from its all time high of 9.8 million last quarter but remained well above the 8.95 million this time last year.

Over at Radio 1, the weekly reach was 11.02 million, a 7.4% rise quarter on quarter from 10.26 million but down 2.2% year on year from 11.27 million. Its share was 6.8%, compared to 6.7% last quarter and 8.3% last year.

The Nick Grimshaw Breakfast Show was also up on the quarter to 5.89 million from 5.78 million. The year on year figures were down from 6.93 million.

BBC Radio 4 achieved record figures of 10.98 million listeners a week – up 4.3% year on year from 10.52 million. Its audience share remained steady at 12.1% over the year.

The Today programme was also up at 6.97 million a week, an increase from 6.76 million a year ago and 6.94 million in the last quarter.

The figures show that across all stations the BBC achieved its highest ever reach of 35.88 million.

Asian Network reached 587,000 listeners, up 7.3% from 547,000 a year ago and up 6% from 554,000 in the quarter.

Helen Boaden, Director of Radio, said: “It’s great news that radio generally and BBC Radio in particular remains in such good health. The record figures for Radio 4 and Radio 2 are a testament to the hard work of everyone involved with the networks and they should be proud of their efforts. It’s also fabulous to see Local radio performing strongly.

Elsewhere, 6 Music had a weekly reach of 1.79 million, up 29.9% on the same period a year ago, though down 1.2% from 1.81 million last quarter.

1 Xtra reached 1.11 million listeners a week, down 1.2% from 1.14 million a year ago but up 11.4% from 1 million last quarter.

Radio 3’s reach was 1.99 million, a fall of 2.1% from 2.04 million a year ago and down 7.8% from 2.16 million last quarter. Its share was 1.2%, compared to 1.1% a year ago and 1.3% last quarter.

Radio 3 Breakfast had a weekly reach of 615,000 listeners, a year on year fall from 723,000 and quarter on quarter from 704,000.

Radio 5 live had a weekly reach of 6.04 million, a reduction of 1.8% year on year from 6.15 million and 3.9% on the quarter from 6.29 million. Its share was 4.1%, down from 4.5% last year and up from 4.0% quarter on quarter.

5 live Breakfast achieved a reach of 2.59 million, down from 2.65 a year ago but up from 2.51 last quarter.

BBC Local and Regional stations showed a 6.4% rise in reach over the year, up to 9.54 million from 8.96 million. The figures were also slightly up on the quarter.

BBC World Service reached 1.35 million listeners in the UK, up from 1.3million in the last quarter but down from 1.39 million year on year.

Posted on Thursday, August 1st, 2013 at 12:04 am by RadioToday UK

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