Italy’s Radio Crik Crok gets Reelworld ONE

Radio Crik Crok in Italy is now airing new jingles from ReelWorld after launching a new FM frequency of 104.0 in Rome.

Reacting to the station’s new sound, Emanuele Finestauri, the station’s owner, said: “Reelworld ONE really makes the difference to the sound of the station. It raises the quality and recognisability of our brand for the audience, it’s fantastic!”

ReelWorld ONE comes in two formats, AC and CHR, and gives stations the opportunity to select a starter kit of jingles at the beginning and then receive new jingle themes every month. The updating service also includes monthly updates of beat-mixed intros and produced IDs.

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ReelWorld ONE is already used by stations in France, Germany, Sweden, Portugal, Norway, Poland, Romania, and the UK as well as across the USA. European clients include Cadena 100 Spain, Rix FM Sweden, Ado FM France, and Radio 1 Norway.

Posted on Thursday, February 12th, 2015 at 1:19 pm by RadioToday

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